2012 Media & Methods in Art Education Conference


2012 Swap Shop Lesson Plans

Where's the Fire (click here) (Color Scheme Worksheet) (sample)
by Katie Voegel

Wire & Plaster Figure Sculpture (click here)
by Deborrah Pagel

O’Keeffe Flowers (click here)
by Beth Sund

Creating Colorful Art with Candy (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here)
by Andrea Kumlin

Japanese Landscape Prints (click here)
by Alice Ferguson

Monochrome Me (click here) (power point) (student samples)
by Shaughn Bianchi

Graffiti/Creative Lettering (click here) (grade sheet)
by Jeri Kelly

Parody Painting LP (click here)
by Heather Curia

Festival Masks (click here), Third Grade Masks (power point), Eighth Grade Masks (click here)
by Katrina Hanners

Pen and Ink Animals (click here)
by Danielle Schultz

Recycled Robots (click here)
by Amy Minch