Elluminate is an online, interactive program that allows communication through the internet, i.g. classes, meetings, and advisement. Elluminate provides a simultaneous video which displays up to six live video windows.

Special feature - Elluminate Plan!
This enables users to organize and package content and activities before the real-time Elluminate Live session, automating routine tasks and allowing instructors to focus on delivering material, facilitating interaction, and optimizing the online learning experience.

Elluminate website or training.

EIU Elluminate Mentors

Dr. James Bruehler, Economics
(217) 581-6265; jrbruehler@eiu.edu
I use Elluminate for online office hours.

Dr. Norm Garrett, School of Business
(217) 581-2228; nagarrett@eiu.edu
I use Elluminate for a distance learning class.

Dr. Renee King, School of Business
(217) 581-7845; rnking@eiu.edu
I offer Elluminate for students to use in my classes.

Rebecca Merten, MS APN RN
(217) 581-7079; rmerten@eiu.edu
The School of Nursing is using Elluminate for all of their nursing courses.

Toni Smith, School of Business
(217) 581-7813; tmsmith@eiu.edu
I use Elluminate for departmental committee meetings (one or more members are not on campus for the meeting).

Dr. Rebecca Throneburg, Communication Disorders & Science
(217) 581-7447; rmthroneburg@eiu.edu
I use Elluminate to have a weekly review session with my distance class during intersession.

To learn more, please contact Cathy Brachear at cmbrachear@eiu.edu or Antoine Thomas at arthomas@eiu.edu