National Nontraditional Student Week


National Nontraditional Student Week is a nationwide week of appreciation for nontraditional students and their dedication to education. At the beginning of November each year, campuses across the country show their dedication to helping nontraditional students become more visible within the community of university and college life. Nontraditional students vary, but most often they are adult, commuter or transfer students over age 25, often returning to school while working, raising children, or serving in the military for an extended period of time. 

Here at EIU, we fill Nontraditional Student Week with fun and exciting activities to show our appreciation for our nontraditional students. In recent years, the week has featured pizza parties, movie screenings for families and their children, cookies and coffee in the Bridge Lounge, and many more activities. We hope to recognize our nontraditonal students with National Nontraditional Student Week activities for many years to come.


2013 Nontraditional Student Week Contest

In honor of Nontraditional Student Week, the School of Continuing Education sponsored a contest asking nontraditional students to provide advice to encourage other adults who are thinking of going back to school.  Prizes were given for the best advice. The following submissions were awarded:

2013 Nontraditional Student Week Contest Winners:

First Place

"Trust yourself and invest in you.  Returning to school at any age is gratifying to the mind, body and spirit.  It is a renewed self-confidence for some and a matter of completion.  Having knowledge is a gift, but learning to apply it with wisdom is key to an enriched life.  We are always students of life.  Why not get a piece of paper that says, "I did it."  In your heart, there will be a stamp of approval that you know that you did it for you.  And that's enough."

- Julia Boyd of Mattoon, IL
2010 Graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program


Second Place

You have a vision
You have a dream
You have a goal to reach

You make a plan
Do the best you can
Take steps, inch-by-inch

Once you believe
Then you Commit
You'll be on your way

Get things organized
Find some support
You're closer day-by-day

Remain positive
in each step
The journey should be enjoyed 

Prove yourself
Inspire others
Never get annoyed

Put excellence in
You'll receive ten-fold
Education is never a waste

Support someone else
Build new dreams
Our world's a better place!

- Angela Conrad of Round Lake, IL
Current Bachelor of Arts in General Studies student


Third Place

"Don't talk yourself out of following your dream!  Apply today and register the minute you get your acceptance.  You will never forget the first huge step, and you will never regret taking it!  The advisors are supportive and knowledgeable, the professors are helpful, and you will meet new friends from a variety of backgrounds!  Give yourself permission to succeed and begin the journey of completing your degree.  No one deserves it more."

- Gloria A. Spear of Humboldt, IL
Current Bachelor of Arts in General Studies student





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