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School of Family and Consumer Sciences


Hands-On Learning

Hands-on and integrative learning are key components to our curriculum. Hands-on learning allows our students to gain practical experience in their degree program, either through the classroom or through the required internship, giving them an edge for employment after graduation.

The Café

the EIU Cafe kitchen the EIU Cafe dining area.

The Café, located in Klehm Hall, is a unique dining experience, offering EIU faculty and staff the opportunity to enjoy a fresh and wholesome meal served by EIU students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences. Featuring a rotating menu of daily specialties, The Café offers a soup of the day, a salad bar featuring an array of colorful produce, and a daily specialty sandwich made fresh with your order. Read more...



FCS Commercial Quantity Food Production uses the theory-practice model allowing students to experience "real world" examples, and gives them hands-on experiences to develop the skills and knowledge they need when they enter the workplace. Pantera is a student-operated full-service restaurant which is part of the Commercial Quantity Food Production class (FCS 3784). Read more...



Integrative Learning

Society's Eyes

Jill MachEachen

Jill MacEachen wanted to find a way to illustrate the integrative nature of a Family and Consumer Sciences degree, and the results of her ambition led to an exhibit named Society’s Eyes displayed at EIU’s Tarble Arts Center. Read more...


Our dedication to integrative learning provides students with critical transferable skills that can be utilized in any chosen career path. We offer laboratory experiences, study abroad opportunities, and the Disney College Program experience, to name a few, to provide additional experience for our students beyond the classroom.  Other ways to set yourself above the rest is through our student organizations, undergraduate research opportunities, and campus and community service projects.

Disney College

Disney college program

As a student at EIU, you have a unique opportunity to make magic by participating in the Disney College Program. Read more...


Study Abroad Opportunities

"To be successful in the fashion and textile industries it is apparent that one must have a world perspective. When we think of fashion, such places as Paris, Milan and Tokyo come to mind. Yet no matter what area of study in Family and Consumer Sciences a student pursues, a world perspective is important. Those in the hospitality industry working in hotels or restaurants will be interacting with customers from around the world. Without a global perspective it will not be possible to provide the kind of quality service that will be required to be successful." --James Painter, Ph.D., R.D.

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences encourages students to enhance their degree program by participating in one of our study abroad programs. Against the backdrop of Florence, a vibrant city layered in Renaissance art and history, students experience hands-on food and fashion courses with the professional staff.  We offer courses via the Apicius Culinary Institute of Florence, Italy, where students can engage in the Tuscany culture and take courses ranging from one week to a full semester.

In addition, we offer programs at EIU taught by Italian professors in Italian culinary and wine. Classes are open to faculty, staff, students and the community. The classes may be taken for undergraduate, graduate credit or as non-credit.

What our students have said about their experience:

"It was a marvelous opportunity that I would recommend to all students, undergrads and graduate students alike. All of the courses were interesting and instructors were highly knowledgeable." --Patricia Clifford

"This was an amazing experience. The amount that you are able to learn hands-on is incredible." --Kayla Browning

"The school and professors are amazing!" --Mallori Tamblin

Visiting Professor Cecillia Ricci





Our Alumni

See what our Alumni are saying about their experiences in our Concentration and see where they are now.

Professional Development Through Diverse Experience and Guidance

Marissa Smith

"Had it not been for the support from the Family and Consumer Sciences department – in the form of guidance/encouragement from professors, internship, scholarships, graduate assistantship, etc. - I would not be the successful career woman I am today..." Read more...

Happines and Success Thanks to the EIU Experience

Molley Kelley

"The classes, opportunities, and faculty shaped me into the person I am today and prepared me for my career..." Read more...


Check out some more of our alumni testimonials here:


Above the Rest

Our goal is to provide our students with experiences that will place them “above the rest” in the competitive job market.  We provide our students with the in-depth knowledge necessary in their specific Option area but also the additional skills necessary for the workplace.  Students are provided with additional opportunities to enhance the classroom experiences by joining student organizations, participating in undergraduate research, and volunteering for campus and community service projects, to name a few. Participation in any of these areas provides students with transferable skills that they may use in an interview to get the job and the skills necessary to keep the job.