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School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Finding the Right Fit

Jackie See


"For many students, deciding on a major can be just as difficult as choosing the right university. I took my first course with The School of Family and Consumer Sciences and learned about the different concentrations offered. I immediately knew this major was a perfect fit and that I wanted to focus my concentration within Consumer Studies."

"Consumer Studies not only kept my interest by offering a broad selection of courses, but it also fulfilled my desire to help people in need. What many individuals may not be aware of is that Consumer Studies offers an abundance of post graduation career opportunities."

"As I was preparing to graduate, I learned about a Financial Health Graduate Assistantship that The School of Family and Consumer Sciences offers. This amazing opportunity allowed me to provide financial literacy education and guidance to students while receiving my graduate degree. I was able to work one-on-one with students assisting in financial goal setting, money management, repairing/building credit, debt reduction, and building savings.  This opportunity provided me the real-world experience every employer is looking for."

"Before I was completed with my master’s degree, I decided I would start applying to different openings. Within weeks I was interviewing and before I was even completed with my degree, I had been offered my first job as a Personal Finance Counselor. After several rewarding years of helping consumers regain control of their finances and live more financially responsible lives, I decided I wanted to see what other employment opportunities were available."

"With my Consumer Studies degree, I was able to branch away from the personal finance sector and was soon employed by one of the world’s largest banking institutions as a Commercial Real-Estate Account Manager."

"There are not many majors that allow a person the ability to change career focus, but I accredit my education and internship experience for my successful pursuit in reaching my academic and career goals."