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Apparel & Textiles, Financial Literacy, Hospitality Management and Merchandising (AFHM)


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School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Apparel and Textiles, Financial Literacy, Hospitality Management, Merchandising Option (AFHM)

Students who select Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University have the opportunity to further define their interests by selecting Apparel & Textiles, Financial Literacy, Hospitality Management, or Merchandising as a Concentration.

The Apparel & Textile Concentration includes a minor in Print & Textile Design Technologies and Financial Literacy, Hospitality Management, and Merchandising Concentrations include a minor in Business Administration.

Each concentration provides students with the knowledge and practical hands- on experience to prepare students to be competitive in the workplace.

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Why Choose EIU for AFHM?

We believe in everything our program has to offer, but let's narrow it down to a few key reasons you should check us out.