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Minor in Adult & Community Education

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Minor in Adult & Community Education

In our ACE program you'll learn to ...

• Enrich the lives of others through education no matter what their stage of life;
• Use your skills to help adults recapture the joy of learning;
• Design educational experiences and programs;
• Develop, fund, manage and evaluate educational programs.

Adult & Community Educators create positive change in their communities by ...

• Discovering the needs of their community and the individuals within the community;
• Designing educational programming that meets community and individual needs;
• Leading organizations that make a difference in communities through educational programs.

It has also been shown that Adult & Community Educators ...

• Make up 40% of American higher education students;
• Return to higher education to increase job skills and to vaciliate a change in their careers;
• Bring a valuable perspective to the classroom;
• Do as well in the classroom as traditional-aged students.



Minor in Adult & Community Education ... 18 semester hours

ACE 2000 -- Introduction to ACE (3)
Introduction to the field of adult and community education, emphasizing foundations of the field, career paths, and necessary professional skills.

ACE 2200 -- Learning Principles for ACE (3)
Introduction to major learning principles and their application in adult and community education programs.


ACE 3000 -- Instructional Strategies in ACE (3)
Introduction to an array of instructional approaches, strategies, and techniques that can be used in adult and community education settings.

ACE 3200 -- Curriculum & Program Design in ACE (3)
Designing programs and curricula to meet educational needs in adult and community education settings, including program, workshop, and session design.

ACE 3400 -- Assessment of Learning in ACE (3)
Development and use of a range of assessment strategies in adult and community education, including informal, formal, diagnostic, formative, and summative techniques.


Plus one of the following ...

ACE 4000 -- Organization & Leadership in ACE (3)
Leadership practices, organizational development, and management of adult and community education programs.


ACE 4200 -- Needs Assessment, Grant Writing & Program
Evaluation in ACE (3)
Application of appropriate research, data analysis, and reporting techniques to determine needs for, and assess impact of, programming in adult and community education settings.


For More Information

Dr. Stephen Lucas, Department Chair & Program Adviser
• (217) 581-5931
• 2147 Buzzard Hall
• http://www.eiu.edu/ace/
• ace@eiu.edu

Feel free to view/print copies of our online ACE Flyer (PDF) and ACE Brochure (PDF).