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The Adult & Community Education (ACE) at Eastern Illinois University is currently not admitting new students into the program (as a major or minor).  However, if you are interested in the program, please check back for future updates as they are made available.


Your future may take you places you can't imagine right now. The kinds of interests you have today will develop and change as you move through your life.  Our program allows you to start where you are and go virtually anywhere.

At the heart of the program is the type of solid foundation in education that Eastern Illinois University is known for. With that knowledge and confidence it's easy to branch out into other types of education that may not take place in the traditional classroom.  Directing a nonprofit or leading staff development?  You'll be ready.

Careers in Adult & Community Education ...

• Adult education instructor;
• Senior, youth & children's program developer;
• Nonprofit agency director;
• Community or hospital educator;
• Curriculum and program developer;
• Volunteer coordinator;
• Workforce and human resource trainer;
• Community Colleges;
• Plus many more!


For More Information

Contact us to discuss the possibilities of our new major and see what the future holds for you:

Dr. Stephen Lucas, Department Chair & Program Adviser
• (217) 581-5931
• 2147 Buzzard Hall
• http://www.eiu.edu/ace/
• ace@eiu.edu 

Feel free to view/print copies of our online ACE Flyer (PDF) and ACE Brochure (PDF).


Important Note

Neither the B.S. in Adult & Community Education, nor a minor in ACE, will lead to licensure to teach in public schools.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed teacher, please click here.